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Hospital starts offering valet parking 1.27.16

It’s great that St. John’s Medical Center in Jackson Hole started offering valet parking services. I bet that must be a useful service for people who need to rush in patients for care without spending a lot of time looking for parking. It’s good to hear from Karen Connelly that the person she talked to thought that the service was welcoming and accommodating. That seems really important for any valet service. Thanks for sharing this story!

Deanna R. Jones


Great Lakes traffic down 81% since 2012 1.15.16

There is no question about it! Those travelers will be much safer from aircraft accidents as they will not have the opportunity to board a plane. That puts them in a car that has a worse safety record than pilots with 500 hours.

Larry Atwell


Pay people and stop complaining. Then you will have pilots J. It’s that simple. Best of luck.

Chad Winkle


Wyo. only state with increase in uninsured citizens 1.7.16

I paid for Winhealth almost $600 a month, I now have $16,000 in Medical bills that they didn’t pay nothing on and also have to pay tax because I dropped the insurance to try to pay the Medical bills that the insurance did not pay on

Sabrina Renfro


“High” is not the word for our insurance. We had to go to Utah companies to get something. Blue Cross was even high. Try $2454 for a month! A 57-year-old with a 55-year-old spouse. What age was your report done for? 21-year-olds?

Chris Marshall


According to Gallup-Healthways, the study was conducted with a random sample of 178,072 adults in 2013, and 88,667 adults through the first half of 2015, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Each sample of adults included a minimum quota of 50 percent cellphone respondents, with both landline and cell numbers selected using random-digit-dial methods. So it is possible that the study skewed younger. -ED

Thermopolis biz created buffalo coats for ‘Hateful Eight’ 1.7.16

Great article about a couple who are out of this world in all that they do. Met them at People of the Earth days and think of them as friends. True promoters of there town and state.

Jo Anne Sinclair

Wyo. bankers appointed to Fed boards 1.6.16

Mark Zaback has been a great Wyoming representative on the Denver Board and will represent the Wyoming region well on the Kansas City Board. Jeff Wallace is another respected banker in Wyoming who will continue Mark’s level of service on the Denver Board. Congratulations to both for this achievement.

Dave Ferries


Wyoming lawmakers punt on legislative pay hike 1.6.16

I haven’t had one either, and I would get to pay this one with the rest of us sounds like a reduction to the citizens and raise to our “imperial leaders”

Bret Wolz


I would be glad to compare my conservative credentials with anyone but let me tell you what we pay our elected officials is an embarrassment to the entire state. I set on a trade association board and the selection committee is looking to hire a CEO. The current CEO is retiring. This position pays over double what we pay our Governor with a staff of about 70 people not thousands. Stop with the politics and at least get salaries where we the people do not need to be embarrassed.

Rex Lewis


UW gets $600K to study extracting rare earths from coal ash 1.4.16

The US DOE knows the extreme value of rare earth elements and their importance to national security. So does DOD. DOD had to get special permission to import from China enough rare earths to build the F-35 fighter and will probably have to do the same with the refitting of the Ohio Class submarines.

The question that arises is: Why is the US Forest Service dragging its feet on the rare earth mine in the Black Hills? That mine will be a world class source for these elements and bring production and manufacturing back to the US and to Wyoming.

Rep. Don Burkhart


Marriott breaks ground in Jackson Hole 7.30.15

When will this property be available to stay at? We are looking to come December 2016.

Susan Falco


It should open this summer, according to materials I’ve seen. – ED

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